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P.T.C Public Transportation

We, at P.T.C possess a bus/driver ranking system that has specifically been designed for weeding out dangerous drivers, way before they become capable of causing serious damage. Apart from this, exact arrival time of each bus is displayed on a board within it which allows the commuters to relax and embark the bus.Moreover, the GPS technology has also been deployed for minimizing PDS theft problem.

This technology is a combination of numerous other technologies like Route Mapping, Way Points and Weight Sensors which literally aid in detecting any sort of unauthorized loss of grains in transit.

P.T.C provides one of the safest and most modern public transport systems in the world, and when you travel on the network given by us, you can be confident that a team of people are watching out for your safety, welfare and comfort. The key priority of P.T.C is safety and security of our passengers and staff.

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